SPECIALE SUPER NANA “ : because we are all super women, and especially when it comes to fashion, we made a whole TV show on us, women. What we can do, and what it means to be a super woman !


Everybody seems to be completely crazy over Balenciaga ! They are Gaga for balenciaga, or we may say Balenciagaga ! Here is one explanation of where and how this passion started ! This short was part of the TV show "La mode la mode la mode" spéciale défilés P/E2016.


The fashion industry has changed dramtically within the last decade. here is an overview of these changes. Broadcast on the Special 10 year anniversary Edition of La mode la mode la mode


The best fashion advices are here. Les meileurs conseils mode en dix ans de "La mode la mode la mode"

Here is the complete 10 YEARS SPECIAL SHOW ! Enjoy all the BEST moments of LA MODE LA MODE LA MODE.